Fusion Hymnal (Vessel EP)


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Vessel EP
The first half of an as of yet unfinished sci-fi concept rock opera. The whole album is written, but I decided to break it in two for the purposes of sanity. In between and during this process a whole new album (Ether Ore) was born and is arriving shortly.......


released June 1, 2008

Paul Scota w/ a little help from my friends, namely Beth Amico on guest vocals, Jeff Brice on a lil bass track, Joel Dow spilling noise all over the place, and Tom Lake killing robot entities with the power of synthesis. The sleeve was designed by Paul Ganguly, upping the Paulness by the power of two.



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VIENTO Rochester, New York

Meandering through the ethereal, crashing into the substantive, flirting with the aggressive and the beautiful simultaneously. Releasing Viento music since 2008, with more to follow soon, I also play drums in several other outfits, including but not limited to Bogs Visionary Orchestra, Silverfish, Epylogue, Pegacide and Ju-Jajuba. ... more

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Track Name: Red December
Red December:
I can see the flashes of the lights, and the sounds still echo of the sky falling down.
I can see their faces. 
For few could endure the bubonic fallout of Red December. 
It wouldn't be long now, I will consolidate the factions, and issue forth the Gleaming Hope of the World.
Track Name: Foundry
Be ready to Sow
Thou sow me all your nuts and bolts Your parts and all of your pieces pile them on       Thou sow and reap your due rewards Now watch as I fuse the circuit board…Watch It
Three days and I'll build a Vessel, three days from now I'll have built The Vessel.     
 'Cause I'm gonna go make the playing field level, and I just need all your hearts and metal (mettle)….                                                                                                                                        
'Cause in three days, I'll be gone. You can't follow 'til I come.                                              
  I'm gonna go forge us all a home, so where I am you may also….Come on
No you won't foil this, I see all your schemes. Still you won't forget, and still you won't cease.
Dig Deep.
Don't remain, don't reap the wind, please don't heap ashes on your heads.                     
Why to remain and reap the wind, heaping ashes on your heads.                                         
Sow, reap your due rewards, I'm gonna be gone before too long.                                           
 A little while I'll be all done, I'll be laughing from the clouds….Ha Ha
Be ready to sow
Track Name: Fusion Hymnal
Fusion Hymnal:
Wiping off the dust, the red shines through the rust.
The sheen, the sheen, in me your hopes are conceived. 
Your fears are become numbed, hopefulnesses born.                      
Fusion remains the agent by which we'll conjoin.
Track Name: Murmur featuring Beth Amico
It started didn't it, started we're off hit the ground Hit it running, here to fall off from the sun
I get the feeling that feelings will all lead to doubt See it clearly see they're drawn off to the found
Hear the bleeting, the sheeple are lost in the crowd to see the feeble delusionalist on the prowl
So take a minute, ease it along, think about You percieve it, see if you all come around
Why send a fool on a fool's errand? Faction Fulcrum
I can't believe it, a fool is the fuel for the clouds and how to mean it, how to be all you're about
Are you seriously pondering all you've aroused when to feverishly plodding along take it down
It started didn't it, started we're off hit the ground, Hit it running, see if it all boils down
Build a trinket, a trinket if oft not a crown, you've got your hero, but a hero is often a clown
To paint a picture, draw all your eyes from the sound of all the fury, remember the sky falling down
He'll be devoured, devoured aloft in the shroud, the ship is sinking, now you're all gonna drown
So why send a fool on a fool's errand? Why send a fool on a fool's errand?
Faction Fulcrum
Track Name: The Vessel
The Vessel:
I can see the sun smiling through the veil, and this dream it would seem has finally come apart at the seams.
So I'm wiping off the dust, and inside the atrium combusts; Pristine, the sheen, it's time I gathered to me
Your thoughts and your hearts, you're falling in line in factions. All fooling aside, I'm goin' for a ride, and if I'm not too careful, you know it feels like these things might just go ahead and come alive.
Steering her forwards, still falling apart. GO Faster and I'll follow you home, just go faster and I'll follow you on. But a whir from the side…the hum and the glide…the action throttling backwards away from the sum.
Enough is enough, and I could be wrong, but what if I was just to enrich my blood with uranium?……
I and The Vessel are one, fused by the radiation.