Ether ORE


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Departing temporarily from the lyrical realm of the fantastic, Ether ORE's concern is a more personal subject matter. Upheld by layers of sound, changing rhythms, and contrasts in tone, the album meanders through the ethereal and slams into the substantive, flirting with the aggressive and the beautiful simultaneously.


released November 27, 2011

All songs written and performed by VIENTO (Paul Scota)
Reilly Taylor-Cook co-wrote and played
the bassline on MONOLITHIUM
Vocals on MONOLITHIUM were engineered at
Bluebrick Recordings with the help of Jesse Sprinkle
Produced and Engineered by Paul Scota
Layout and Design by John and Pete Lake
Headshots by Nick Peri Photography
Oceanic and Lunar Photography by James Mahoney



all rights reserved


VIENTO Rochester, New York

Meandering through the ethereal, crashing into the substantive, flirting with the aggressive and the beautiful simultaneously. Releasing Viento music since 2008, with more to follow soon, I also play drums in several other outfits, including but not limited to Bogs Visionary Orchestra, Silverfish, Epylogue, Pegacide and Ju-Jajuba. ... more

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Track Name: Heart of the Ocean
struck dumb. knuckle up. face forward to run aground.
tried muscle. tried force. not for nothing, nothing works. reaching for the world, wrenching it from my grip. pressed together up under the weight of it. face full of foam, choking on my spit. God teeth in the flesh, oh my God the smell. you see me, I'm travelling, if you want I could take you the heart of the Sea.
quoth the Ocean, "evermore." I'd rather be three sheets to the wind. I've never seen a face quite like your's before, and I doubt I ever will again. you could suffer along, or we could wipe out this shift, I might just follow on if I could only ascend. you would never see me again, my feet might have to let go of the sand. I've been travelling, if you want I could take you down.
Track Name: Wraparound
Love come and hit me on the chin. all I want is not to want for anything. Lo, hold the water in. turn it up and on inside my heart again. come in on the wind. Christ, you take me up and on a whim, and Arms to wrap around my chest again.
inside ever was so violent, and oh tonight to settle up and nestle in, and try not to get blown away. freeze me in your arms Love.
Track Name: Skin&Bones
not for long until you fall off of the world. if thou should go masquerading all the way along, I will see whatever you want me to see, and we will both go and operate around the intervals. come on. your face is warm; my hands are cold, cut from stone like silver ore
the pressure on, what made you fall off of the world? after all I'd never be seen with another one. could I have known? if I could ever understand a word, you wouldn't know.
I made it harder than I said I would. this place is cold; your hands are warm. you gave your all, and I knew you would.
my face is worn, but so is yours. I'll take your arm and so much more.get movin'.
I see you're skin and bones, your only skin and bones
Track Name: White Knife
I walk through the valley unknown, leave the bottom alone.
scaled down from the top of a wall, I would never have known. I'm no swallow, I don't follow.
seems strange little baby, but turn to run.
difficult with your back against a wall.
pull out your knife, defend your Life.
stumble down to the Water, it's time to draw all the salt from your arms entombed. I'll do anything long enough just to stay alive.
a siren wailing silent, a beacon lost of light, a wilting feather orphaned on its first flight

in a word I felt you from the start, lonely-blown, rusting up the middle and finely flung apart.
I've loved you from all sides, plain seen here from how kicking, screaming, running,
wiping all the dust from your eyes. presently now simply searching for just the right words to describe it...

a whirlwind of caressing, a spectre looming large, a wellspring of colossal luminance and I
I'm fascinated by the strength and essence of the light;
a force to dwarf the fathoms of the Ocean's tides.

clouds, arms surround inviting, and I've might just enough to glide in.

at a loss for words I've come across what I've never known.
crippled eyes and numb legs hurtling me at last headlong.
the horizon heads off, tell me what is it I've stumbled on.
the warm breath and words that rattle-gather, and fumble up and out.
I love you with your hair to one side. to one side.

I've been waiting so long for you to fall into my arms.
not for long after all.
Track Name: apogee.filament.monolith.lithium.

VIENTO (Paul Scota): ETHER ORE - Coming 11/11